You can install our template in two ways:

  • Install with quickstart.

  • Install this theme normally after you already have WordPress installed and ready to go.

The best and the recommended way of installation is using the Quickstart package (which is a pre-installed, pre-configured Wordpress with the yummy theme). You can get started quickly if you use this package.


Quickstart is an exact copy of the theme demo you have seen in your website. It has complete WordPress instance with the theme installed. You just have to follow the installation wizard.

Installation of Quick start Package:

Extract the quick start zip pakage in your website root. This is either public_html or www in the hosted servers.

If you have installed XAMPP or MAMP or WAMP, you will have to extract this into the httpdocs folder

After the extraction, point your browser to url of the public root or the folder where you extracted. Example: Let us say, you have created a folder called yummy under the public_html folder (called your web root) . Then you extracted the zip inside the yummy folder.

In that case, your site url would be: Or if you installed in the localhost, then your url will be: http://localhost/yummy

This will bring up an Installation wizard. Following the instructions.

Direct Youtube link: Quickstart video tutorial

NOTE: This process explains installing just the template in an existing WordPress website or a fresh WordPress installation.

In our theme package, you will find file.

  • Go to Appearance -> Themes .

  • Click Add new and Select the Browse button and choose the file from your computer.

  • Select the Upload & Install button.

After a successfull installation, go to Appearance -> Themes to access the theme.

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