5. Axis Subscriptions

Axis Subscriptions

Since V.1.0 we added the option to add Memberships using a modified version of awesome Axis Subscription plugin: https://www.flycart.org/products/wordpress/axis-subscriptions

Before you get started… be sure to spend some time thinking about what membership levels you want for your site. It’s easiest to set up axis subsription when you have this very clear ahead of time.

Go to: https://www.flycart.org/products/wordpress/axis-subscriptions to learn more about axis subscription.

Refer the document : https://www.flycart.org/docs/joomla/axis-subscription

Getting started with axis subscription:

1. configuration:

Axis subscriptions configuration part includes 5 sections:

  • Currencies

  • Configuration

  • Payments

  • Email Templates

  • Taxes

2.Create plans:

There are 3 sections needs to be configured when you creating plans. They are,

  • Recurring

  • Non recurring

  • Trail Go to Axisubs > Plans Click the New button to start the plan creation process. In front-end we have to show the plan, using the [AxisubsAllPlans] shortcode

3. Subscriptions:

A customer views the plans and completes the subscription process, it is transformed into an subscription. Subscriptions are listed here according to their statuses. They are as follows:

  • New

  • Active

  • Cancel

  • pending

  • Expired

  • In Trial

  • Future

4. Shortcodes:

[AxisubsAllPlans] - display all plans

[AxisubsSelectedPlans id=5] - display single plan using plan id

[AxisubsSelectedPlans id=5,6] - display multiple plans using plan id

[AxisubsAllSubscriptions] - display subscriptions

[AxisubsMyProfile] - display user profile.

To get Axis Subscriptions on your site:

Download it from here

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