About us section

3. About us section

Row strech: Streach row and content

Extra class(row): skill-section background-image

Column : 2

Choose background image to Design options

Step: 1

Column 1:

Open text block

copy the below code and paste

<div class="about-us">
<div class="abt-sec">
<h5>ABOUT US</h5>
<h2 class="section-title">We Make Perfect Solution
in Business</h2>
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<div class="abt-exp">
<div class="num">40</div>
<div class="text">Years of Experience</div>
<div class="button"><a class="btn-primary btn" href="#">Read More</a></div>

Step 2:

Column 2:

Extra class name : rnd-number black-overlay

Set background image to design option .

Open text blog

Copy and paste the below code

[tf_numbers name="home-page1"]

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