Testimonial and Number counter

4. Testimonial & Number counter

Row stretch: Stretch row and content

Column: 2


Extra class name: testimonial-home6

Open text blog inside testimonial row.

Copy below code and paste the text block

[testimonials_cycle theme="default_style" count="-1" order_by="date" order="ASC" show_title="0" use_excerpt="1" show_thumbs="1" show_date="1" show_other="0" hide_view_more="0" testimonials_per_slide="1" transition="fade" timer="5000" pause_on_hover="true" auto_height="container" show_pager_icons="1" prev_next="0" display_pagers_above="0" paused="0"]

click save changes button.

Column 2:

Extra Class name: home6-achieve rnd-number

Open a Text block.

Copy and below code.

[tf_numbers name="home-page-6"]

Save and close.

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